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British Offshore Wind Power Exhibition In 2015

Global Offshore Wind was hosted by the Renewable UK (a British professional industry association of wind energy, tidal energy and wave energy, its predecessor is British Wind Energy Association founded in 1978)....


Grand Debut Of CWEE 2015 China Wind Energy Exhibition In Shanghai

The famous CWEE wind energy exhibition will be one of the important exhibitions of all electric exhibitions in China in 2015, which will be on display in Shanghai New International Expo Center Hall N2-N5 with a new image and better service from May 13 to ...


The Coating Market Situation Of Chinese Wind Power Generation

As an emerging industry in the early stage, wind power equipment manufacturing industry mainly relies on foreign technology. In the full introduction and digestion in engineering, it gradually steps off dependence on foreign related system, including coat...


Global Wind Power Generation Capacity May Have Doubled By 2020

On 1st, the Global Wind Energy Association (GWEC, headquartered in Brussels) made up of wind power industry organizations announced forecast that the global wind power generation capacity would have increased to about 666 million kilowatts by 2020, which ...


Danish Wind Power Development Needs To Expand The Power Grid

​, a nonprofit grid operating company under the Danish Department of Climate and Energy, recently said that Denmark should build a stronger international power transmission and transformation network to ensure that the scale of wind power cont...


China's Largest Wind Power Heating Project Is Being Conducted In Hohhot

On March 19, the City Development Corporation and the Asian Development Bank signed a $ 150 million loan agreement in Manila, Philippines, which marks that Hohhot low carbon heating project enters the implementation phase....


New Technology Makes Multiple Efficiency Of wind power generation

The "new oblique axis wind generator" technology independently researched and developed by China Shenzhen Zhong Bang Wind Power Technology Co., recently was evaluated for scientific and technological achievements in Beijing. The technology is based on the...


China Will Become One of the Most Important Market of Wind Power

Wind, this ancient and clean energy is becoming one of the world's fastest growing energy source. Global Wind Energy Council Secretary General Steve Sawyer said yesterday in Shanghai when accepting the Morning News reporter interviewed, the next 10 years,...


Currently The Wind Power Plant With The Largest Installed Capacity in Africa put Into

Currently the wind power plant with the largest installed capacity in Africa, Morocco tarfaya wind power plant, recently is put into use, the estimated annual generating capacity will be more than 1 trillion watts, meeting the daily demand for electricity...